NECC 2008, techLEARNING testimonial

VoiceThread’s first NECC conference was a big success and we’d like to thank all the people who helped make that happen. Our VoiceThreaders seemed to be everywhere, giving some amazing presentations, some formally scheduled and others seemingly from the tops of soapboxes.

As we stood in our booth we were presented with a steady stream of educators who would start by saying “I just saw this fantastic presentation by [Wes Fryer, Kevin Jarrett, Jodi Meacher, or ‘those MathCast people’ and many, many more] and now I have a few questions for you.” We didn’t have t-shirts or any other gifts for our VoiceThread Corps (perhaps fine chocolates next year?) so I just want give a sincere thanks, we really couldn’t have succeeded without you.

Cheryl Oakes shares a VoiceThread testimonial on her techLEARNINGblog post (excerpt) titled “Assistive Technology goes Mainstream!”:

“I met an occupational therapist recently who explained how a student of hers began using VoiceThread for her school projects. This may not seem remarkable until you learn that the student, although able, would not speak in the classroom. Once VoiceThread was added as a tool in the classroom toolkit, the student was empowered to make changes with much peer support. The student recorded her school projects in VoiceThread, her peers were thrilled to hear her voice. Make change happen for your students in need of these tools.” (Read more…)

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  1. I would hope that we can agree that as an educator our job is to praepre our students for the future, whatever path they choose to pursue. In doing so, we have to understand that our students will have to be able to be creative in their own way and be able to problem solve. We can do this in the classroom by, yes providing an excellent rubric and allowing multiple resources. Many teachers see differentiation as more work for them; so what!? Remember our overall goal is get them praepred at all costs. Not every task is performed the same way day in and day out in the work field. Technology is a great tool we can use to allow students to explore and be creative in their demonstration(s) to us letting us know if they have mastered the content.

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