VoiceThread Roadmap for 2018

What’s new in 2018?   No More Flash   We’ve reached the finish line!  VoiceThread is officially Flash free, and the new HTML5 version has been released to everyone.  It’s been a long journey, and we’re very excited to have moved on to this phase. The HTML5 version of VoiceThread offers: Options to speed up or … Continued

VoiceThread Roadmap for Fall 2017

What’s New in 2017 Say Goodbye to Flash!  Our transition away from Flash has been an ongoing project over the last four years. Not unlike re-building a plane in flight, it required keeping in mind that VoiceThreaders all over the world were counting on us to keep the conversations going no matter what. It’s been … Continued

New Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

We’ve updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to make our commitment to data privacy and ownership more visible and our policies clearer. * Note that if your institution has a custom SLA in place with VoiceThread, these updates do not apply to you.   What’s new? Privacy Shield: We’re excited to be certified … Continued

Seeing students’ full names

Most people in the world only see students’ Identity names when they create VoiceThreads or record comments. Educators who have a K-12 license, however, will always see their students’ full names in addition to their Identity names. This allows them to know exactly who made a comment even if the student’s Identity name is generic … Continued

Phishing or spoofed emails

Phishing is a malicious attempt to gain access to your account or to direct you to a fake website that may ask you to login or enter personal information.  Many scammers try to trick people with emails that look legitimate but lead somewhere malicious.  When in doubt, always go directly to voicethread.com without clicking on … Continued

VoiceThread Roadmap for 2017

  We’re committed to making VoiceThreading easier, more versatile, and more powerful.  We want to share with you how far we’ve come in the past 6 months and where we’re headed in the new year. New Features in 2016 Retrieving Deleted Work  When you delete a VoiceThread, it goes into your Trash.  If you need … Continued

Self-Repairing Sharing

Requesting Access If you try to access a VoiceThread that has not been shared with you, you’ll see the option to request access to it. Just select the level of access you’d like, and the person who created the VoiceThread will be notified. Granting Access If someone has requested access to one of your VoiceThreads, you’ll … Continued

Selecting default playback settings

There are some default playback settings in place for all newly created VoiceThreads, but if you would like to adjust those defaults to better fit your own VoiceThreading needs, just follow these steps: Edit any VoiceThread, and go to the Playback Settings page. Check the boxes for any settings that you would like to enable. Check … Continued

Student Assessment in VoiceThread

VoiceThread’s flexible and dynamic recording features allow you to better assess student learning in all subjects. We’ve already introduced several features to help with this: Comment Moderation Specific timestamps on comments Gradebook integration in your learning management system Control over whether users can delete their own comments Selecting which types of comments are possible Searching … Continued

Allowing commenters to add slides

By default, anyone who has been given explicit permission to comment on your VoiceThread can also add slides of their own. Contributors can only add slides. They can’t edit the VoiceThread in any other way, they can’t alter anyone else’s slides, and they can’t delete your VoiceThread.  This is a powerful way to build a collaborative … Continued