VoiceThread Docs / Web Application / Settings / What does each playback setting mean?

Enable threaded commenting

Turns on the ability for your participants to start threaded conversations. You can only use this feature if you have an upgraded VoiceThread account.

Allow commenters to add slides to this VoiceThread

If you have shared a VoiceThread with a person or group and given them commenting access, this option also allows those people to contribute slides to your VoiceThread.

Allow others to download original media

This option allows viewers of your VoiceThread to download your original slides to their computers by right-clicking on the slide and selecting “Download Original Media”. Comments will not be included. You can only use this feature if you have an upgraded VoiceThread account.

Allow others to export

This option allows others to export your VoiceThread. This feature is enabled by default.

Start playing when opened

Enabling this option means that the comments on your VoiceThread will begin playing automatically when people first open it.

Allow others to make a copy

This option allows you to determine whether others can make a copy of the VoiceThread. This feature is disabled by default.

You can only use this feature if you have an upgraded VoiceThread account.

Enable Comment Moderation

Turn on Comment Moderation, which allows you to preview all comments on your VoiceThread before revealing them to others.

You can only use this feature if you have an upgraded VoiceThread account.

Wait X seconds before advancing

X = the number of seconds after all the comments on a slide have played before the VoiceThread automatically goes to the next slide. The default is 4 seconds, but you can change it to anything you would like. If you want your viewers to linger in order to encourage commenting on a slide, you’ll want to make it longer, but if you want your VoiceThread to play back like you’re giving a presentation, you probably want to set X to 0 seconds.

Automatically advance to the next page

When the VoiceThread is in play mode, it will play through all of the comments on a slide and then pause until the viewer manually advances to the next slide. If you want the slides to advance automatically instead, enable this option.

Don’t allow commenters to delete their own comments

This option means that anyone who records a comment on your VoiceThread will be unable to delete it once it is saved.  This is a powerful tool for assessment because your commenters will not be able to “retry” after they’ve recorded.

Limit each comment to __ minutes and __ seconds

By default, all audio and video comments recorded in VoiceThread can be 60 minutes long.  If you’d like to set shorter time limits for your commenters, just enter your desired maximum comment length here.

When recording, go to the next slide every __ minutes and __ seconds

Set your slides to advance automatically at pre-set intervals as you are recording.  This is good for timed presentations where you don’t want to have to move through the slides manually as you speak.

In addition, you can check the box for Pecha Kucha or Ignite beneath this option to automatically set the correct restrictions for those presentation types.  Learn more about timed presentations here.

Allowed Comment Methods

By default all types of comments are possible for every VoiceThread.  To disallow some types of comments, uncheck the boxes for each one.  

Save as default

If you’d like the settings you’ve selected to be the default for any new VoiceThreads you create in the future, check this box before clicking “Save”.  You can always adjust your defaults by simply checking this box again after you’ve made changes to the settings for any VoiceThread.